AWE Club – Online Science KS3  Information

Online Science KS3 – Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Teacher – Mike

AWE Club - Online Science KS3

Thursdays: 10am to 11am
Fridays: 10.30am to 11.30am
Age: 11+
Two year course
From Sept 2022 Thursdays will cover year two and Fridays will cover year one of the two year course
From Sept 2021 Thursdays will cover year one and Fridays will cover year two of the two year course

Course Description

This KS3 course is designed to lead children into the EDEXCEL IGCSE Sciences. Mike teaches the concepts via termly topics which makes it interesting and engaging. There are lots of demonstrations and student involvement during the lessons. Children can attend both days as the lessons will be different on Thursday and Friday. The course takes two years to complete. Children can do the KS3 course to fill in any gaps in their KS3 knowledge while also attending the IGCSE classes. Lessons are interactive and children can type to the teacher.


Recordings are available to view after lessons that you paid to join. If you cannot see a lesson and you think you should, please do let Mike know. To view a recording, log on to Electa-Live, select ‘Resources’ and then view the list of recorded classes.

Message from Mike

If you have a scientific background or gained science qualifications at school or elsewhere, they will be of benefit but take care that you match your knowledge to the needs in the syllabus. Just like stories we read where parents know different ways to do maths calculations compared to what the primary schools teach their children, so some terms and topics have left the syllabus to be replaced by others. It was a surprise to me when I started my teaching career!

There is opportunity to communicate with Mike during lessons, mostly via texting in Electa or by switching on the microphone. To avoid excess noise, please indicate when you wish to speak. If anyone feels anxious about that it is possible to send private messages to me.


Textbooks are not compulsory but you may find it beneficial to have available the Pearson’s popular 11-14 Exploring Science course books have a look at this example of one ISBN 9781292294117
Children may find them helpful between lessons.

Topic Plan

Science KS3 Topic Plan