AWE Club – Online Psychology GCSE Information

Online Psychology GCSE AQA
Teacher – Annemarie

AWE Club - Online Psychology

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**New Courses** (groups THREE and TWO)

Group THREE Starts September 2022 for exam Summer 2024
Friday 11am to 12:30 90 mins

Group TWO Starts June 2022 for exam Summer 2024
Wednesday 13:30 to 15:00 90 mins

FULL – Group FOUR Starts Jan 2022 for exam Summer 2023
Fridays 1:30 pm to 3pm

FULL – Group ONE Starts Sept 2021 for exam Summer 2023
Wednesdays: 10am to 11:30

Specification is on this link:

Exams are optional. Parents must book the exam with their local exam centre and pay them direct ensuring they meet all exam officer ID and date/deadline requirements.

Text book required:

AQA PSYCHOLOGY FOR GCSE – STUDENT BOOK by Cara Flanagan, Dave Berry, Ruth Jones.

You can also buy it from other stores such as Amazon and Ebay, second hand copies are fine too. Please make sure you buy the student book, and not the revision book.

Lessons are on Zoom and are recorded. Students receive Homework and they can interact with each other and the teacher during the lessons. Cameras and mic can be used or not depending on the child’s preference. The course covers revision and exam prep/practice.