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Psychology GCSE AQA
Teacher – Annemarie
Weekly, TWO year courses

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I love teaching psychology and have a real passion for it, therefore I feel I need to make this information clear before the enrolment of students. Please be aware that students are required to demonstrate these skills and I do teach these skills through the 2 year course. If you have any questions about the following information please contact me.

Students need to answer essay type questions throughout the GCSE exam, and therefore during sessions. As the GCSE course is made up of 8 different topics, each topic has a number of different studies, and experiments, therefore students are expected to learn and remember these studies, as well as be able to write clear and coherent answers during their exam. In psychology there are 3 different types of questions; AO1 – describe a study/theory/experiment, normally worth 4-5 marks; AO2 – application of knowledge (using your own knowledge of a study/theory/experiment to answer a specific question; AO3 – evaluate a study/theory/experiment, normally worth 5 marks.

During the second year the students are expected to become more independent in their learning, reading ahead of the session and applying their knowledge to previous topics, as well as writing their responses to questions in a timely manner as this prepares them for the exam. In the second year we work on the premise that 1 mark equals 1 minute, therefore a describe and evaluate question, worth 9 marks, should be completed in 9-11 minutes. I understand this can cause a lot of pressure for some students and feel this needs to be made clear.

There are two 1 hour 45 min exams, each exam is worth 100 marks, questions can range from a one mark response to a 9 mark response.
Please note, if you feel your child is not ready for the above, we do also run fun psychology sessions, where we explore a number of topics, theories, studying and experiments without the essay writing and exam type learning.

Specification is on this link:

Exams are optional. Parents must book the exam with their local exam centre and pay them direct ensuring they meet all exam officer ID and date/deadline requirements.

Text book required:

AQA PSYCHOLOGY FOR GCSE – STUDENT BOOK by Cara Flanagan, Dave Berry, Ruth Jones.

You can also buy it from other stores such as Amazon and Ebay, second hand copies are fine too. Please make sure you buy the student book, and not the revision book.

Lessons are on Zoom and are recorded. Students receive Homework and they can interact with each other and the teacher during the lessons. Cameras and mic can be used or not depending on the child’s preference. The course covers revision and exam prep/practice.