AWE Club – Psychology for Fun! Information

Fun with Psychology for KS3
Interactive experiments and quizzes
Fun and laughter included!

AWE Club - Online Psychology for fun

Online course for age 11 to 17
Course content covers one year of weekly lessons
Teacher – Annemarie
No textbook required, no exams. Just for fun!

Annemarie runs this fun and inspiring course for students to experience a gentle introduction to Psychology through fun interactive experiments and quizzes with lots of laughs and interesting conversation. You can join at the start of any half term.

The course was originally designed to last for 12 weeks however it has become so popular with each topic being covered over two weeks that it has been extended to include enough material for one year of lessons. The course is designed to give students a gentle guide to Psychology. If they enjoy the course they may then wish to progress on to the GCSE Psychology or Sociology courses. This is of course optional.