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Latin GCSE
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Teacher – Julia

AWE Club - Online Latin GCSE

Thursday and Friday weekly and both lessons must be attended to cover the course material. Each lesson will be one hour.

This course will go from the very beginning, but will be fast moving so it is ideal to consolidate all the students previous work covered on other courses or by the KS3 course Julia has been running for the past few years. No prior knowledge needed, but the course will be fast moving so students will need to keep up with the work. Students who have knowledge of Latin grammar and vocabulary will have an advantage. This course will require commitment and dedication. Parents may need to support their child with the homework.

Julia will provide all the material but students will need to buy a book of Latin stories in the second year.

Homework will be set and it is the responsibility of parents to ensure it is completed. There will be Homework exercises each week and students will be required to learn the vocabulary and grammar as they go along. It is easy to fall behind so keeping up with the vocabulary and grammar will be important. Once children get behind it is very difficult to catch up.

Latin online is taught in small groups. From experience we know that children will drop out due to the difficulty of the course so we will require a minimum number of students to run the course. Lessons are not recorded due to Copyright.


Parents are responsible for booking and paying for the exam at a centre where they live.

Why learn Latin?

This is an interesting article if you are wondering what the benefits are to children who learn Latin:

“Its payback benefit may well be much greater. Learning Latin is an exercise of the intellect that helps stretch and develop the brains of children. The more they learn of Latin, the better they may well be at many other subjects”

  • Learning Latin strengthens literacy skills in English
  • Latin develops a child for computer programming
  • Latin prepares children for scientific, legal or medical careers
  • Latin teaches children about Ancient History
  • Learning Latin makes grasping another language easier
  • Learning Latin helps increase Maths scores
  • Learning Latin lifts academic outcomes
  • Learning Latin gives a CV and UCAS application boost
Latin GCSE Assesment
Latin GCSE