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Online Citizenship GCSE
Pearson Edexcel (9-1)
Teacher – Julia

AWE Club - Online Citizenship GCSE

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NEW STUDENTS join Sept 2022
Thursdays 9.30am to 11.30am
Note time change in Sept 2022 to 9am start
Lessons are 2 hours each

Course Description

The Citizenship GCSE is a two year course online via Zoom. Students may take the course if they are interested in the subject and do not intend to take the examinations. It is an interesting course that is useful to all. Although this course is 100% examination based, the exam centres must provide written confirmation on the appropriate form that students have carried out their own in-depth investigation and citizenship action. In order to do this they may require sight of the work undertaken by each student. Please be sure to check with your local exam centre that they understand this. Julia can explain it to them if needed.

The course is 100% examination based and covers the following interesting mix of law, government and politics:

A: Living together in the UK

  • How communities have developed in the UK
  • Identity
  • Democracy and human rights

B: Democracy at work in the UK

  • Who runs the country
  • How Parliament works
  • How power is shared between Westminster and devolved administrations
  • How the government manages public money

C: Law and justice

  • What law is for and how it affects us
  • How the justice system works
  • Crime

D: Power and influence

  • What power and influence citizens have
  • The role and influence of the media
  • The UK’s power and influence in the wider world

E: Taking citizenship action

Students will have to complete an in-depth investigation and citizenship action which will includes:

  • Identifying an issue, forming a team and carrying out initial research
  • Undertaking primary research
  • Representing their own and different points of view
  • Planning the action
  • Delivering the activity
  • Evaluation

Classes will cover each aspect of the citizenship action project, giving the guidance and advice.

Please note: Students will need to make arrangemets to hold the necessary meetings online to progress the citizenship action in their own time outside class time (this may be done remotely). Parents must
supervise these sessions as the tutor will not be present.

The course book is as follows:
Collins Citizenship Today – Edexcel GCSE Citizenship Student’s Book 4th edition

There are two examinations:

Paper 1 (Paper Code 1CSO/01)
1 hour and 45 minutes
50% of the qualification
Sections A-C – Themes A – C as referred to above.
Section D – Extended response questions in respect of A-C.

Paper 2 (Paper code 1CSO/02)
1 hour and 45 minutes
50% of the qualification
Section A – Relates to the students’ own citizenship actions.
Section B – Requires students to comment on others’ actions and relate to theme D as referred to above.
Section C – the focus is on Theme D, but will also link to themes A-C above.

The citizenship action addresses a particular issue or concern identified by the students, taking students out of the classroom, allowing them apply the skills and knowledge gained during the course of the Citizenship GCSE, under the guidance of a tutor. Students gain valuable life skills including:

  • Research, both primary and secondary
    Interpretation of evidence
  • Planning – requires organisation, the setting of goals and timescales
  • Collaboration and negotiation
  • Advocacy
  • Evaluation
  • Problem solving

DisclaimerImportant Information

Examinations are optional and remain the responsibility of parents to book at the appropriate time.

Please note that deadlines for entering examinations may vary from centre to centre. It is the responsibility of parents to comply with examination centre and examination board requirements.

If you require any SEN special access arrangements you will need to contact the examination centre as soon as possible to make arrangements as it may take many months to sort out.

During this period of uncertainty with Covid-19 parents should ensure they are kept up to date with any changes with regard to timetabling / syllabus and should note that neither the tutor nor the centres referred to are able to provide predicted grades in the event of cancellation / delay of Examinations.

Although this course is 100% examination based, the examination centre must provide written confirmation, on the appropriate form, that students have carried out their own in-depth investigation and citizenship action. The citizenship action is a compulsory part of the course and students will not be able to take the GCSE if they have not completed this part of the course. Please note that this is not moderated in any way. The examination centre chosen by the student may require sight of the work undertaken by each student.

AWE Home Ed Club is an approved learning partner of T&E (Tutors and Exams). They accept external candidates for this exam and if you are studying with AWE you get discounted exam entry fee.

A private examinations centre, which has a number of branches including Stratford, has confirmed that they are happy to take external candidates for this course. Their details are as follows: Please ask for Shafa on telephone number 07939 594169. Neither the tutor nor AWE Home Education Online have any personal or professional affiliation with this examination centre and have no control if circumstances change.

AWE Home Education Online ( also has connections with a local school (Hertfordshire) who will admit AWE private candidates for exams and should you wish to take this option please contact Debbie.

If parents wish to use a different centre, they should seek confirmation that the centre will comply with the examination board’s requirements with regard to the citizenship action.

Lessons are not recorded due to copyright.