AWE Club – Geography KS3 Information

Geography KS3
Teacher – Julia

AWE Club - Online Geography KS3

Join at the start of any Half Term
Age 11 to 17

Course Description
Due to popular demand Julia has created this Geography course to run online on Fridays for children aged 11 to 17.

This course is suitable for KS3 and above students interested in studying geography and provides a firm foundation in geographical skills including mapwork.

It will cover human and physical geography including the following:

  • Geological Timescales and Plate Tectonics
  • Mapwork and Geographical Skills
  • The Middle East
  • Russia
  • International Development
  • Africa
  • Glaciers
  • The UK
  • RiversMaps and mapping
  • Coasts
  • Population and Urbanisation
  • Weather and Climate (including climate change)
  • Asia
  • Rocks and weathering
  • Earth’s resources
  • Earning a living

The following atlas is necessary for this course: Philips Essential School Atlas KS3, Ages 11-14.

No exams but a useful introduction for those planning to move on to GCSE Level.