AWE Club – Face to Face English Language IGCSE Information

English Language IGCSE Online and Face to Face 
Pearson Edexcel
Teacher – Neil

AWE Club - Face to Face English Language IGCSE

Wednesday Weekly 14:00 to 16:00 – FULL
GREEN group
Started Sept 2021 for exam Summer 2023
TWO year course
Strictly age 13 to 17
September and Ocober 2022 will be online

Course Description

During the course, students will learn to analyse language features in texts (eg use of vocabulary, punctuation, syntax, sentence and paragraphing structures) and to link these to the writer’s purpose. They will also develop their own writing skills – finding their own voice as a writer of imaginative texts and their ability to develop a point of view and argument in their own writing. They will improve their ability to control their syntax and to organise their thinking in written form, influencing the reader through their choice and control of language.

With regards to the final assessment, 40% of the final mark will be for coursework which will be primarily concentrated on in the first year of the course. This will consist of one piece of creative writing and a comparison of two texts from the anthology which the students will select themselves (the anthology is a mixture of poetry and prose fiction)

The other 60% of the final mark will be for the exam at the end of the course. This is 2 hours 15 minutes and will require students to respond to an unseen non-fiction text, before comparing it to another non-fiction text from the second part of the anthology. Finally students will produce a piece of transactional writing.

Disclaimer – please note

Exams are optional and remain the parents responsibility to arrange and book by February of the year your child sits the exam. Neil teaches the EDEXCEL option that has a coursework element as it is a better choice for the students. This is not the usual route for Home Educators. The final exam must be sat at a T&E branch.

The Coronavirus exam disaster of 2020 has shown us that despite our best efforts we cannot plan for every eventuality. We are in a better position than many private candidates in that Neil already acts in an approved capacity at the exam centres so this year’s students have all been able to receive a predicted grade without issues or additional expense. This has been a great relief to parents and students and will give additional reassurances that these new courses will be able to be completed regardless of any resurgence of Coronavirus and any subsequent exam cancellations.