AWE Club – Criminology for FUN! Information

This is a interest course for general knowledge, so there are no exams.

AWE Club - Criminology for FUN!

Monday 10am weekly
Teacher – Annemarie
No textbook required, no exams. Just for fun!

In an introduction to Criminology, we will look at a number of different types of crimes, why some crimes are under-reported as well as the impact the media has on our knowledge and understanding of crimes. We’ll spend time comparing criminal and deviant crimes and learn about the three different theories of criminality. We will then explore the process of criminal investigation and the prosecution of suspects., while reviewing and applying our own knowledge to criminal case studies. Finally, we will look at the criminal justice system, as well as the concept of achieving social control. These lessons are useful for those wishing to go on to study Sociology and Psychology at GCSE level.