AWE Club – Creative Writing Information

Creative Writing, age 9+

Teacher – Lindsey

AWE Club - Online English Language IGCSE

Course Description

Stress-free and easy-going Creative Writing lessons for upper primary level. Older children are welcome to attend if they are working at KS2 level or would enjoy the lessons. We teach to ability, not age.

Lindsey is a lovely teacher who is very gentle and kind, so great for anxious children or those worried about online learning who may need their confidence boosted ready for their future. Good for preparation before moving on to KS3 courses.
Lindsey will cover all the syllabus topics which include the following –
Writing poetry- writing poems that include animals/rhyme, non-rhyme. Different ways to write a poem. Writing haiku. Writing narrative poems (ones that include the telling of a story), writing poems on similar themes.

Planning a story, story settings, story openings, writing fables, writing fantasy stories, writing fairy stories, characters in stories, story openings, continuing a story, paragraphs in stories.

Writing a realistic story/realistic fiction, figurative language, sensory language, linking words and phrases, using dialogue within stories, character perspectives, writing funny stories.