Purple Mash RENEWAL

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Please purchase this product if you wish to renew your Purple Mash subscription.

£15 per child.


I have managed to arrange a great offer for home edders to get 12 months access to the Purple Mash website for nursery and primary age children.

The usual cost for Home Educators is £30 per year but if I can get a group together I can set it up for £15 per child for a year. The offer includes access to all Purple Mash primary content plus Mini Mash for nursery age children.

The website has so much content that i’m not sure where to start to explain it all! It gives each parent, teacher access, to set up projects and lesson plans using loads of different tools. It covers all subjects inc Maths and English and is good fun for children to use. I particulary liked the story writing game where you can print your own book at the end or write a story and animate it like a film. The coding area is great to, easily learn to code as part of a game. Then you can send your game to other people to play. If you want to you can see a page that shows each area of the National Curriculum and shows you which tasks link to it, which you can then set as a fun task for your child to complete.

Purple Mash is widely used by primary schools and teacher seem to like it as it makes it easy to set children a task and to mark then send it back to them for corrections or congratulations.

Purple Mash is an award-winning website for nursery and primary school children. It enables children to explore and enhance their knowledge in a fun and creative way.