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Rules and Information for Club Members

All Ways Educating Home Education Club

Waltham Abbey, Essex





The main objective of AWE club is to find ways to run a wide range of group lessons and workshops for those children who benefit from learning together, where the cost is shared, making it more affordable for all. The children thereby meet and make friends and can then benefit from the outings and events to promote positive relationships. They have lots of fun in the process! The club is run by Debbie Towns and has been running for 14 years.



Please confirm by return email that you are in agreement with the information in this document. Also provide your mobile contact number to


Home Education

Parents please note that although we get together for group tutor led lessons this is still Home Education which means you retain your parental responsibility for your children at all times. If you decide your child is ok to attend alone, please speak to another parent and make arrangements for them to take over your responsibility while you are absent. Please ensure you provide mobile phone numbers to Debbie for emergency use.



Please note as we are all individual Home Educators we do not have any insurance policy as a group. This means you are responsible for your child and their actions at all times. The venue insurance does not cover AWE club.



We rarely have any behaviour problems with the children attending AWE, however if you do have any concerns please speak to the relevant teacher promptly so it can be dealt with quickly.

We expect children and adults to treat each other with mutual respect and to remember there are always two sides to a story.



The hall is situated on an industrial estate. Please keep your children safe from the traffic outside. Please do not let them run in and out of the cars or play outside. There is a lovely park round the corner.



Teachers will advise what homework is needed. In most exam course subjects, homework is a necessity, to get through the whole syllabus. Teachers will advise. If your child is stuck or needs help please email the relevant teacher. If homework causes the child too much anxiety just let the teacher know so he or she doesn’t ask the child for it. We understand many home educated children have anxiety issues and we try to help them overcome them without and pressure.



All fees for classes must be paid per half term in advance. This means you pay at the last lesson each half term, for the following half term. This ensures we can guarantee the classes will go ahead. If people don’t commit in this way it makes it impossible to run the club. Please pay by Paypal to email address using the Friends and Family option to avoid paypal transaction charges. You still pay for lessons you are absent for, as the costs remain the same.



I do want people to commit long term to the lessons as when people only stay for a term it’s a bit disruptive and affects the costs for everyone. All the current parents want their children to carry on for at least one or two years.


Address and directions

154 Brooker Road, Waltham Abbey, EN9 1JH. Turn down the side of Lidls and the Nissan garage and the hall is about 200 yards down on the right. Nearest train or bus station is Waltham Cross. Nearest tube is Loughton.


Teachers contact details

  • Julia stockley. English, History, Latin, Law.
  • Daniel Teague. Maths.
  • Mike George. Sciences.
  • Neil Ruckman. Drama and Film studies.
  • Trini Pozzati. Spanish.


Online discounted subscriptions for members.

I run three discount schemes for members. You are welcome to share this with other Home Educators. All information is on my website.




    • £15 per year instead of £30


    • £34.50 per family instead of £69


I belong to numerous facebook pages and email groups so I pass on things that maybe of interest to club members on there. To join the AWE Facebook page this is the link


The Hall

We hire the whole building which includes two kitchens which you are welcome to use as long as you wash up and clear the kitchen back to its original state. There is a lounge for parents to wait in but you are also very welcome to sit in the classes with your child. Please clear up any mess your children make too.


Please take your rubbish home with you. There is no council bin collection from the hall.



There is a stair lift if required. All children are welcome. The only requirements are that they are mature enough and able to sit through the lessons without causing disruption to the other students.



Exams are not compulsory. You can attend just for interest which some children prefer as they do not have to deal with the stress of exams. We do our best to find exam centers that will take the group if possible but this remains the parents responsibility to book and pay. Teachers will advise when children are ready for the exams.


Fire Exits

At the start of each term teachers will show the children where Fire exits are located. Children are not allowed to play in the back stairway where the stair lift and fire exit doors are.


Computer room

No food or drink in the computer room please. There is free wifi available and younger siblings or parents are welcome to use the computer room when there are no lessons in there. Please ensure younger siblings do not disrupt the lessons in adjacent rooms.


Course Material

Teachers will explain exactly which textbooks are needed at the start of each course. Parents need to buy relevant books.


Additional Information

I have people coming for quite long distances, (up to two hour drives), for the lessons but it seems to work ok because it’s for a number of hours, it makes it worth the drive. There are plenty of spaces at the venue and most parents stay for the day. We have a good laugh and have all become friends. There is a small library with lots of books in the hall plus pool table/ table football/ and a ping pong table.


At lunchtime the children all socialise with each other and all get on very well. There is plenty of space and quiet areas if you prefer. We have a very nice room where the parents all sit, with a TV and comfy chairs. The ice cream van comes at 2.30 and the younger siblings sometimes get ice creams.


Tesco and Lidls are within walking distance and at the end of the road is a lovely new play park with all kinds of climbing equipment, a pond with ducks and a huge area to walk. It’s in the Lea Valley with a children’s farm and education centres. High Beech in Epping Forest is also very close. There is a big church with lots of walks around it.

You can also walk into the town centre in a few minutes where there are lots of places to eat plus the post office, library, hairdressers, beauty and nail bars if you fancy being pampered! You can drive about 3 minutes to Mcdonalds, TKmax, Poundland and Home Bargains. Or drive 5 minutes to Waltham Cross shopping centre. There are also other towns in driving distances of about 15 to 20 mins.


Thank you for taking the time to read this document

Kind regards

Debbie Towns

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