AWE Group Subscription Offer – 59% DISCOUNT

My name is Debbie and I run the AWE Waltham Abbey Home Education club.

I am fortunate to be able to negotiate a great discount for our club, which ConquerMaths have agreed I can offer to all other Home Educators. Therefore, as long as you are a Home Educator, you are very welcome to join our AWE Home Education Group Subscription so you can benefit from the very special discounted group price.

ConquerMaths is an online learning resource for Maths from reception age through to GSCE and A-Level. Please have a look at their website for details and to try the free sample lessons.

The Home Educated discounted price includes access to all year group levels and key stages including A levels. I add people in groups on certain dates I have agreed with ConquerMaths, which reduces their admin, which is why I can get the discount. That is the reason for the deadline dates for payments.

If you would like to buy ConquerMaths or renew an existing ConquerMaths subscription, CLICK HERE to go to my shop.

Orders are processed once a week on Thursdays. I will send your details and payment as one batch to the lovely people at ConquerMaths and they will process the subscriptions together. When I have done this I will send you an email to confirm.

You will receive your login direct from ConquerMaths .

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions are available on the FAQ page here.

Quote from NM on Facebook:

“We’ve used Conquermaths for about 5 or 6 years, to support GCSE and IGCSE maths study (we had it originally as a CD ROM version and now a subscription through AWE). We love that it covers many years of maths up to and including A level, so we can dip in and out of the topics, use it as a supplement to whatever we are studying, and go back, if needed, to fill gaps. I definitely recommend it!”

Regards and happy Home Educating,

AWE Home Education Group
Waltham Abbey, Essex