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Great Discount for Home Educators

AWE Club discount for ConquerComputing. Due to popular demand, ConquerComputing is now available through AWE Club for Home Educating families.

ConquerComputing Offer

Message from Debbie – my personal opinion:
ConquerComputing is aimed at KS1 and KS2 in line with the National Curriculum, but I think it will be suitable for all ages including adults if they have never done anything like this before. I tried each level with my general computing knowledge and its quite advanced by year 6. Obviously it’s down to each individual. The extra great thing is that it has video guides for the teacher/parent so you can understand and help to teach your child. ConquerComputing is brilliant. Wish I’d had this years ago. Happy Home Edding!


Message from ConquerComputing:
Since September 2014, children from the age of 5 have been required to learn Computer Programming and need to understand the concept of algorithms. This has placed a lot of pressure on schools, many of which lack the resources and skills to effectively deliver the new curriculum.

ConquerComputing was developed to assist teachers in delivering this challenging subject by providing lesson plans, video tutorials, worksheets and downloads covering in detail all of the requirements of this new curriculum.

Whether you’re home educating or you want to support your child’s school computing education, ConquerComputing is the perfect resource. As with ConquerMaths, you can be sure of making the right decision. If you’re not completely happy, take advantage of our no quibble two week money back guarantee!

Perfect for young children, the language is simple and child-friendly. Each of the exciting projects is introduced by a short video, narrated in an appealing manner to guide children step by step through the topic.

Colourful worksheets support the concepts learned, providing practice to consolidate understanding and helping children to build up their own coding projects.

Around 1,500 online ‘Play’ activities will engage youngsters with instant feedback. These include drag-and-drop coding, word searches, card sorting, Binary challenges, multiple choice questions, input/outputs to make words, creating their own Pizza or dressing Mrs Pineapple Head!