Reviews from parents

Many parents whose children have attended AWE Club lessons either online or in person have sent me wonderful thank you messages. Here are a few to share with you:

“Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2021 and thank you so much for all that you do to help us to home ed the kids- without you I would be lost.
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you. My *** has come away so happy, enthusiastic and eager! She loves the science classes!
However, she is driving me slightly mad and keeps asking me to check my emails for homework! 🙈🙈🙈🤣🤣 she is so keen! I couldn’t ask for more! So big, huge thank you’s! 

“The group of young people in his class, are all so lovely. He’s had an amazing 2 years doing the course. I’m so grateful to you for creating the space where our home educated children can come and learn together. Thank you Debbie

“*** has now finished her classes at AWE. She is going to start college this term. So I want to say Thank you to you for all the hard work you have done and continue to do for a lot of families.

Thank you for all your work with our family, especially ***.”

“It was lovely to meet you today. My daughter *** loved science lesson and felt very comfortable in the classroom.

“Oh Debbie. Your an absolute gem. Thank you so much. 
Honestly we really do appreciate all your hard work.

“Really appreciate the updates. Nice to receive such good & honest customer service 🙂

From a PurpleMash purchaser:

“Hi Debbie, Yes, all received – and my daughter is loving it! She’s using it like it’s a game/treat. I keep checking where she has disappeared to so quietly and finding her in PurpleMash!! Thank you!

From a ConquerMaths purchaser:

“ConquerMaths has been an amazing program for my children but also for me! The parent/teacher can get so much out of it as well as the student.
We would learn together, watching the videos, and it covers all learning styles, I found it very clear in the teaching sessions and also the layout is very efficient. It would progressively get harder, but the benefit of having ConquerMaths is that you can go back to past lessons to reinforce what you have learned or simply if one forgets concepts it’s easy to go back and revise. It helped my daughter with revision for her exams, such a comfort for the parents to know something solid and thorough is available at a click of a button, thank you for all the help in learning maths these past years…..

Thank you everyone for your kind words.