Reviews from parents

Many parents whose children have attended AWE Club lessons either online or in person have sent me wonderful thank you messages. Here are a few to share with you:

Thank you for your help and support in the past for us. You and your teaching team have been life changing for us all, in such a positive and good way.

*  Online

Thank you Debbie and all the staff for your help and support. *** did amazingly and we are so proud. Anyone that didn’t get the result you wanted, don’t give up, there are more ways to skin a cat and sometime better paths to walk!

2021 Exam Accolade

Thank you Debbie for all your hard work and to Neil for helping B with her IGCSE English we are so happy with the results and we could not have asked for a better Tutor and yourself.

2021 Exam Accolade

Thank you, Debbie, Daniel and Janet, for all your help and work!!! *** got the best result she could hope for and she has much more confidence to tackle other IGCSEs and GCSEs. And I am a very proud mum too 🥰

2021 Exam Accolade

*** got a C in Maths and and A in Biology. Thanks for everything you did to help me with both study and organising exams. We are over the moon.

* Online

Thankyou for your support and excellent team of teachers.

A Online

We just wanted to let you know that M*** has had his results and we’re pleased with how he did despite the difficult circumstances this January.
He achieved 7 for Biology, 7 for Chemistry and 8 for Physics.
Thank you for being his teacher for two years. He enjoyed your classes. Thanks also for the references for sixth forms – he has two conditional offers now.

K Face to Face & Online

It was lovely to meet you today. My daughter M*** loved science lesson and felt very comfortable in the classroom.

E Face to Face

If any of you are home educating or have friends who are home educating then this amazing group has lots of online lessons, they are excellent and affordable they run GCSE courses too. It’s run by a lovely lady who herself HE ‘d her children so she is very knowledgeable and helpful.

E Online

As always, a massive thank you to you Debbie, for all that you do. There are many satisfied kids and parents today, my son and myself included because of the hard work and dedication you put in arranging all of this for us.

A Online

You’re an absolute gem. Thank you so much. Honestly we really do appreciate all your hard work. 

S Online

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2021 and thank you so much for all that you do to help us to home ed the kids- without you I would be lost.

* Online

Hi Debbie, I tagged you in a post but thought I’d just let you know that *** got a C in Maths and an A in Biology. Thanks for everything you did to help me with both study and organising exams. We are over the moon xxx

* Online

I can highly recommend Mike the science teacher. In fact all the teachers at AWE and Debbie are amazing. 

* Online

*** is starting at college in September, Daniel was a wonderful teacher, thanks for everything.

A* Online

She has very much benefitted from the online lessons and we have been very impressed with the standard of Education that your teachers provide.

Should the need arise at any point in the future, we would be happy to return. I will also ensure that I recommend your services to anyone in need of online Education.

N* Online

Just a quick email to thank you for making it possible  – *** got a 9 in English (with a Distinction in speaking), a 7 in English lit and a 6 in Film studies. She’s over the moon!

E* Face to Face & Online

They took 3 single IGCSES . They got excellent results with Mike.

* Online

I’d like to thank you all for the amazing journey we had. *** totally enjoyed all the classes, and I am so grateful to have found you. 

A Online

D*** has now finished her classes at AWE. She is going to start college this term. So I want to say Thank you to you for all the hard work you have done and continue to do for a lot of families. Thank you for all your work with our family, especially D***.

I hope that AWE continues well and that you have lots of supportive families who pay their fees on time!

E Face to Face

My child has been really enjoying classes with AWE so far and has signed up for sciences taught by Mike, from September

* Online

The group of young people in his class, are all so lovely. He’s had an amazing 2 years doing the course. I’m so grateful to you for creating the space where our home educated children can come and learn together.

* Face to Face

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you. My C*** has come away so happy, enthusiastic and eager! She loves the science classes!

However, she is driving me slightly mad and keeps asking me to check my emails for homework! 🙈🙈🙈🤣🤣 she is so keen! I couldn’t ask for more! So big, huge thank you’s! 

S Online

I just wanted to say how brilliant Dan (MATHS) was, *** really enjoyed his lesson and got what he was teaching immediately , *** said he is a boss maths teacher! Thanks so much.

* Online

From a PurpleMash purchaser:

“Hi Debbie, Yes, all received – and my daughter is loving it! She’s using it like it’s a game/treat. I keep checking where she has disappeared to so quietly and finding her in PurpleMash!! Thank you!

From a ConquerMaths purchaser:

“ConquerMaths has been an amazing program for my children but also for me! The parent/teacher can get so much out of it as well as the student.
We would learn together, watching the videos, and it covers all learning styles, I found it very clear in the teaching sessions and also the layout is very efficient. It would progressively get harder, but the benefit of having ConquerMaths is that you can go back to past lessons to reinforce what you have learned or simply if one forgets concepts it’s easy to go back and revise. It helped my daughter with revision for her exams, such a comfort for the parents to know something solid and thorough is available at a click of a button, thank you for all the help in learning maths these past years…..

Thank you everyone for your kind words.