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Coronavirus Notice – Waltham Abbey Tutor Groups

All the teachers and I have agreed that with the uncertainty about Coronavirus lockdown that we will continue to run all lessons online for all of September and October. Please check the new timetable as some lessons have had slight time changes. Julia’s and Daniels classes have all moved to the online timetable so they will no longer teach at Waltham Abbey just online. All payments are to be paid via Paypal. There are no hall hire fees for any classes at the moment.  We will notify you all when we have any plans for returning to our usual Face to Face AWE Club in Waltham Abbey. I hope to see you all soon!

If you are looking for our online tutor groups for long term online lessons, not just during Coronavirus lockdown, please go to this page.


AWE run weekly, small group, lessons with professional qualified teachers in Waltham Abbey. They are planned so that long journeys are worthwhile, enabling children to come for whole days thereby spending time with their friends during lessons and in the breaks. The children benefit from group learning and reasonable costs and make friends too. The Science teacher ensures there are lots of hands on experiments using real equipment that Home Educators find difficult to access.

“Hi Debbie. I hope it’s ok but I wanted to pass on my appreciation and thanks to Mike the science teacher. Seriously this man, is a gem!! He takes his job and his responsibility so darn seriously I needed to say something. [personal details removed]
Mike is organised, reliable, making amazing use of the technology and just darn perfect!! He even has recording of his lessons (****** has been unable to attend this weeks so that is so handy!) Thank you Mike for adapting so beautifully to this situation. You are very very much appreciated. :))”

“The group of young people in his class, are all so lovely. He’s had an amazing 2 years doing the course. I’m so grateful to you for creating the space where our home educated children can come and learn together. Thank you Debbie”

Tutored Lessons

Lessons are run in Waltham Abbey and have students attending from a wide range of locations. Parents must remain on site but can leave if another parent agrees to take responsibility for their child. This is a good time for the children to socialise and gives the parents an opportunity to chat with like-minded families.

TERM DATES June 2020 to July 2021

HERE is a link to the term dates for 2020 to 2021 (opens in a new window).

Dates for Neil Ruckman’s alternate Wednesday classes (opens in a new window).

Dates for Neil Ruckmans alternate Thursday classes (opens in a new window)


All fees are paid via PAYPAL for all teachers and all subjects to debbie@aweclub.co.uk. 

Fees are paid in advance for each half term. The November half term will be 7 weeks from 2 November to 18th December. 

Please also note there are no hall hire fees to be paid at the moment





Fee per lesson


7 weeks fee  

WednesdayMaths  KS3Daniel£11.00£77
WednesdayMaths GCSEDaniel£12.00£84
ThursdayMaths KS2 / KS3Daniel£11.00£77
ThursdayMaths GCSEDaniel£12.00£84
ThursdayScience KS3Mike£11.00£77
ThursdayPhysics IGCSEMike£11.00£77
ThursdayChemistry IGCSEMike£11.00£77
ThursdayBiology IGCSEMike£11.00£77





Fee per hour

Nov/Dec half term total fee
Thursday Alternate weeksFilm Studies GCSE year one (3 hours)Neil. 4 dates£11 per hour£132
Wednesday WeeklyEnglish Language IGCSE year two (2 hours weekly)

Neil. 6 dates

Note no lesson on 4 Nov

£9 per hour£108
Wednesday Alternate weeksCreative writing 1hour

Neil. 3 dates

Note no lesson on18 Nov

£12 per hour£36
Wednesday Alternate weeksFilm Studies GCSE year two (3 hours)Neil. 4 dates£10 per hour£120
Wednesday Alternate weeksEnglish Language IGCSE year one (2 hours)Neil. 3 dates£10 per hour£60
Wednesday Alternate weeksEnglish Literature IGCSE year two (2 hours)Neil. 3 dates£12 per hour£72

Full course details available on the links below (all open in a new window):

Film studies GCSE Click Here

English Language IGCSE Click Here

Science IGCSE Click Here

Creative Writing for Fun Click Here


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    Your details will be stored within the rules of our Data Policy (opens in new window).


    [Please note, during lockdown these lessons are online. However, below is our usual location details]

    AWE operate from Waltham Abbey, Essex. Activities are organised in London, Essex and Hertfordshire and lessons are held in Waltham Abbey.

    For clarity – By participating in the lessons and activities that are organised by AWE Club it is accepted that parents understand that they retain parental responsibility for their child/children at all times. 

    Please be aware this is a club for home educating families, it is not a school. Parents retain parental responsibility and must remain at the venue while their child attends activities.