Welcome To All Ways Educating

AWE stands for All Ways Educating, which explains what we do, now in our 19th Year. All Home Educators are welcome to join our email list and facebook page in order to receive updates about classes and discounts for Home Educators. There is no joining fee and your details will not be shared with anyone else.

The main objective of AWE club is to find ways to run a wide range of group lessons and workshops for those children who benefit from learning together, where the cost is shared, making it more affordable for all. The children thereby meet (currently online) and make friends and can then promote positive relationships. They have lots of fun in the process!

AWE Lesson

Everything is organised by Debbie Towns who has 19 years of experience of Home Educating her own children and arranging a wide range of educational and fun activities and lessons for Home Educated children aged 10 to 17.

Since the advent of Covid, face to face activities have been postponed and lessons are currently online. There has been a benefit as I can now provide lessons to anywhere in the UK or the world! See the Lesson Timetable for full details.

In September 2021, there will be a small number of face to face lessons based at AWE Club Waltham Abbey Essex if Covid rules permit.

Happy Home Edding!



Discounts for Home Educators

Over the years I have learned of many companies that give discounts to Home Educators, I have put all of these on AWE  discounts which you can see at www.awediscounts.com. I regularly add more discounts as I find them.

From an AWE Online Tutor Group Mum

“I just wanted to say how brilliant Dan (MATHS) was, ****** really enjoyed his lesson and got what he was teaching immediately , ****** said he is a boss maths teacher! Thanks so much.”