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Hello and a heartfelt welcome to AWE Home Education Club. My name Debbie and I do all the admin for AWE Club which was set up around 20 years ago by a group of like-minded Home Educating parents. Do get in touch if you need any information or would like to join any of our courses. Please let me assure you that if you join us, your child will be in good hands.

AWE Home Education Club is open to families and students from all over the UK and overseas. Our main objective is to run affordable, interesting, and important courses for groups of Home Educated children who benefit from the opportunity to learn together.

AWE is not an online school; it is a club where parents retain their parental responsibility at all times.
Parents must supervise their children at all times.

Our teachers have a great many years of experience specifically with teaching Home Educated children. We understand about anxiety and bullying and un-met SEN, health, and mental health needs in school settings.
AWE Home Education Club
AWE Home Education Club
The cost of tutoring is shared between families, making AWE Club an affordable option.
We have seen numerous children recover from school-based trauma and go on to achieve their own personal goals. AWE teachers understand the issues that Home Education families face with accessing educational resources appropriate for children who may never have set foot in a school. You and your child will be welcomed and supported by myself and our lovely teachers. All of us will do our very best to help you.

AWE courses are very popular and often run out of spaces. We allow families to register their interest up to 3 years in advance.

AWE Club is targeted at age 9 to 17 years. All classes are mixed ages which we have found works very well. It doesn’t matter what your child’s actual age is you choose which Key Stage or level they are working at, for example, we may have a 15 year-old doing a year 7 class or a 11 year old doing a GCSE class. It’s their ability we teach to, not their age. They can opt for different levels for different subjects. Just because a child is good at maths does not mean they are as confident with English!

Homework is set for most classes but is entirely optional. Parents can decide with their children whether they complete homework. Exam courses will require work to be completed outside of lesson times to cover the entire syllabus, but teachers will guide and support students through this. Exams are optional and can be sat at any age.

You may join the mailing list and the AWE Facebook Group if you would like to be kept up to date with news about Home Education courses, events, days out and workshops.

Happy Home Edding!



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Limited spaces, lots of subjects to choose from


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Many parents whose children have attended AWE Club lessons either online or in person have sent me wonderful thank you messages.

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Discounts for Home Educators

Over the years I have learned of many companies that give discounts to Home Educators, I have put all of these on AWE  discounts which you can see at www.awediscounts.com. I regularly add more discounts as I find them.