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AWE run weekly, small group, lessons with professional qualified teachers in Waltham Abbey. They are planned so that long journeys are worthwhile, enabling children to come for whole days thereby spending time with their friends during lessons and in the breaks. The children benefit from groups learning and reasonable costs and make friends too. The Science teacher ensures there are lots of hands on experiments using real equipment that Home Educators find difficult to access.

Tutored Lessons

Lessons are run in Waltham Abbey and have students attending from a wide range of locations. Parents are encouraged to remain on site but can leave if another parent agrees to take responsibility for their child. This is a good time for the children to socialise and gives the parents an opportunity to chat with like-minded families. At the end of each half term, there is usually a social event for everyone to have fun.


For the current fees and class spaces, please contact Debbie using the contract form HERE.

AWE operate from Waltham Abbey, Essex. Activities are organised in London, Essex and Hertfordshire and lessons are held in Waltham Abbey.

For clarity – By participating in the lessons and activities that are organised by AWE Club it is accepted that parents understand that they retain parental responsibility for their child/children at all times. If the parent chooses to not be present at the lessons or events, that responsibility still applies.

Please be aware this is a club for home educating families, it is not a school.